Monday, December 3, 2007

The Thanksgiving Hell Ride (part 2)

From left to right we have: B.Ball, Jam, Rob, Brando, Fuzz, A blow up doll, Gabe B., Neal, Lazer, Gabe F., and Me. Posted up inside a whack shack somewhere off I-25 south of Denver.

The first spot we hit was the Snake Pit in Colorado Springs.

Every time I go to the Denver area I always try to order something with Denver in the title, (Denver omlette, Denver Scramble, etc...) and always regret it.

I think your shorts are dry now. (This was the second sign of snow on the trip)

Fuzz in the war zone. With the snow coming in on the hour we ended up spending two full nights in our hotel room. Not even 20 minutes in the room smelled like 30 wet dudes soaked in beer.

Nap time.

Quote of the trip:
"I want to meet a girl that is going to remember me and never make that mistake again." - Lazer

If you put your beer staff up to mine we can tape them together.

Almost to La Junta.

The La Junta park is super sick. We finally had a good day of weather and were able to skate all day.

For dinner we went to a place called "Boss Hoggs".

All in all the trip went good. We all got to skate, drink a ton of brews, and all made it home safe. It was everything that thanksgiving should be. Well... almost. The rental van was a few men short from last year. Some of them choose not to come and others had no choice. Like our really good friend Lee Bender who made it out last year. Get better Lee. We all love you man.

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