Friday, December 14, 2007

Skate Indoors

A few days ago Me, Magnet, Naz, & Mikey all drove to Santa Cruz to hit NHS and Consolidated to drop off a few boxes of Lowards. We wanted to hit the park in the Cruz but got rained out.

Rain sucks even in Santa Cruz.

So we took it to this place on our way back up Route 1.

I know they had this crazy mini ramp but I didn't know they had a little street area too.

Complete with waxed curbs, 2 vert walls, a few small quarter pipes, benches, and a picnic table.

Frontside over the door? Whos got it?

If the rain keeps coming you can take it to Pacifica and still get to skate. Indoor spots are hard to come by in the bay area. If you haven't checked out The Log Shop yet and live around the Bay, its not that far and not half bad.

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eat a bag