Friday, September 19, 2008

Obsessed with collecting Neil Albums

In tribute to my latest obsession, here is a collage of album covers edited to one of my favorite songs. And yes... I still don't smoke weed... and I fuckin love Neil Young.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Justin Schlegel interview coming soon...

...but for now watch this clip that Bagel made about a year back. This shit cracks me up ever time I watch it. I freakin love that dude.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Surfs up on the SF hills (bro)

Shit was gettin weird in the hills of San Francisco the other day.

Strubs! How does my ass look in this suit bro?

High fives were comin out of everywhere.

Bomb a hill on that thing!

Toad (Bodhi) was at full hang loose status.

Strubs (Johnny Utah) was just waitin for the tide to break all day.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Field Agent Puddin: Baltimore update

Puddin comes through yet again with excellent work. Big guy, might turn out to be a real photo journalist just yet. Here we have...

Lindseys brothers girlfriend after eye surgery.
aka. crazy eyes.


Anther great hand crafted Baltimore treasure. How long to you think Al & Donna worked on this before deciding it was worded perfectly?

PS. I just got a text message from Rory The Rattler that reads:
"just purchased 120 bud lites"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

On the Road with the Creature Ams

I was on the road with all of the Creature AMs for almost 2 weeks. It was a month and a half long trip that I got to spend two weeks on. I flew into Denver and flew out of Portland. Heres a few photos from the trip.

Loaded up.

This was in Denver. The head honcho over at the Vortex Union (CO chapter) lined up the ramp session. Thanks again big V!

South Park corner store.

Just outside of South Park, CO is this park. I think its the highest elevated skatepark in the nation at somewhere around 9000 feet. It's hard as hell to breathe up there.

The roads between Denver and Portland look pretty much like this...

...and this.

We stopped to look at the snake river at the point where Evil Knievel tried to jump it. Dude was the gnarliest.

Pro filmer dude-guy Garrett Hunt was stoked on this Snake River bridge.

Twin Falls, Idaho. An early morning warm-up skate session turned into a full on Creature demo. All it took was a few phone calls from the locals and the whole town was there in minutes asking for free product and autographs. Shit got kinda gnarly so we broke out pretty soon after that to finish off our drive to Portland.

Imagine the NHS van following Knuckle in his new midlife-crisis-mobile. It was pretty dam funny.

Mumma, Vince (black label tag alongs) and Marky... not being very covert about their weed consumption (hourly).

Knuckle, driving the 00knuckle-mobile.

My last night on the trip we camped out on the beach in Lincoln City, OR. After I woke up it was off to the Portland airport to fly back to SF.

Recap: The trip was fun as hell!