Friday, December 21, 2007

The Filming of "The Catamaran"

Bryce Kanights called me up one day and asked me if I thought I could catamaran down a hill with Toad. "Sure, well... I never have but I think I could" was my answer. A few weeks later he came into town and we all met up in the Sunset to shoot a short film he wanted to submit to Underskatement (a skateboard film festival). Here are a few photos from the day we filmed "The Catamaran".

Me and Toad were basically clueless about what we got talked into doing. Once we got out there and to the top of the first hill we were to bomb, Bryce opens the trunk of his car and says "Put this on".

The on site "crew" was The Salmon, Visser, Toad, Bryce, and Myself.

The Salmon making power moves on his cell phone. This guy was all business that day and was really taking care of shit.

I had never done a catamaran before so just the fact that I made it to the bottom of the hill got me super siked. Something I think every skateboarder should attempt. The leather jacket and duck tape covered gloves were pretty key in me walking away, but the goggles and the hat were completely for show and only for the film. In fact, just having them on made it way harder.

It might sound strange but his is another example of why I love living in San Francisco. Where else other than SF would you see two nut jobs dressed up like this skating down a hill, sitting on their boards, and holding hands? I can't even imagine what people passing by were thinking.

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