Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Short Trip to Portland

Just a week or so ago I took another trip up to Portland. I was on a mission to skate and shot photos with my friend Bryce whom just moved up there a few months ago. My photos however might not be as good as his but I documented a thing or two. For instance...

...this Bacon Maple donut. Its just as good as it looks. Where could YOU find a bacon maple donut? Only at Voodoo.

Its a tiny donut shop in Portland that makes super good donuts.

Like this one was a classic cake donut but covered in crushed Oreo cookies. So good.

While in town I got the chance to skate with Salba. He happened to be in town and staying with Bryce as well.

On day 2 of my trip Bryce said that we were picking Salba up at the airport and he wanted to come right to this park. This is Peir Park in Portland. This giant thing has a door in it and Salba wanted to do nothing but go over the door. From the airport right to the pipe. Pure dedication.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Week In Hawaii

Thats right... 7 days, 2 islands, 2 rental cars, 9 beaches, 4 flights, 2 digital cameras and over 500 photos taken, here is a small glimpse at our trip to the Hawaiian islands.

Day one in Oahu starts with a fresh cup of Kona coffee.

The night we landed we went to this cheesy Hawaiian bar and ordered the most obnoxious drink we could find on the menu. If it was a contest to see who was the biggest dork at the bar Sandy and I won hands down as we drank out of a fish bowl. I was great.

The first beach on our list: Waikiki.

Due to stupidity, I ended up getting burned pretty bad the first day. To make up for it I decided to shove really bad pizza in my face.

The next day we jumped into this little thing and flew over to the big island into the Hilo Internationl Airport. I think the Hilo Airport could fit on one SF city block.

The north shore of the Big Island.

Another beautiful Spencer Beach sunset. This was the first beach we went to on the big island. It was amazing. Nothing like Oahu. Barely any people at the beaches and most of them were islanders.

This one LOVES the water and just couldn't wait to get in every time.

Afterwards... what could be better then to dry off by just laying out. Sandy was in heaven.

Right next to Spencer Beach was a historic landmark called the Pu'ukohola Heiau. Each one of these rocks was placed by hand and are held together with nothing. Its crazy when you look at it up close.

Hapuna Bay. In my opinion this was the best beach of the trip. Not that many people and everyone was super cool. The beach sand was beautiful and the water was perfect.

Driving south on the west coast of the big island.

This was our VW camper that died on us at this beach. Yeah, the one with no running water, no pay phone or cell phone reception. We were stoked.

After dumping the van in the ocean and telling the owner of it to go blow himself, we rented this sweet ride from Dollar. Straight to Kona baby.

If my friend Gus was in downtown Kona I bet he would say that it was "so kill".

Looking for shaved ice the size of your head? No problem.

With no more VW van to crash in Chris and Michelle Senn (friends of friends) offered us a spot at there place to crash for a few days. This is us out to dinner with Chris and his youngest Julian.

At the Senn family home you can shread their driveway. Regretfully it rained almost the whole time we were in Kona. It was never dry enough for us to skate.

After leaving Kona we drove south to Black Sands Beach. So crazy looking. This sand is so freak'n hot to walk on.

Black Sands is also a sea turtle refuge. They are just lurking all over the beach.

Then it was off to the Volcanoes National Park and into a lava tube. This cave goes right through the middle of the earth and was created by lava.

Then we drove down the Chain of Craters Road inside the Volcanoes National Park. Here is one of the craters we went to. If you look really really close I'm pointing at people walking on a trail.

This is the Volcano skatepark built by the locals in a town called Volcano. Its like a wooden burnside. So much fun. I got to skate it for a little bit just before we went to that airport to fly back to Oahu.

We landed in Oahu, rented a car and drove to the North Shore where we saw this dude.

Sandy and I heard all about Steve before we finally met him. He lives on the North Shore of Oahu right across the street from Pipeline (a world famous surf spot). Steve owns a Mexican resturant called "Cholo's" (Spanish for
gangster) on the North Shore. He was nice enough to let two total strangers, after a mouth full of name dropping, follow him back to his place to check out his set up.

This is Steve's yard. Two of the best bowls I have skated I quite a while. Plus a bar in the back called the "Deep End Lounge" and two guest house cabanas on the left. But, if that wasn't enough, you could look just to your right and see...

... two ramps complete with skatelight, pool blocks and a beautiful ocean view of Pipeline.
So, so sweet.

This was my favorite photo from the trip (believe it or not). Frontside carve over the light, shot by Sandy with her new camera. Our 7 day island getaway ended up being one of the best trips of my life.