Friday, June 8, 2007

My Dad (in plaid)

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Hands down, I am who I am because of my parents. My dad passed away when I was 19 of cancer, and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. My mom is still crushing it daily in Waldorf Maryland (my hometown) to this day. I just wanted to say that my parents did a stand-up job of doing what they needed to do for their children, and that's what got me to where I am today. I couldn't love them more. It just isn't possible.


Tiffy said...

I couldn't agree more!! Hands down! Love you Gordo!!

b rendan said...

nice! He reminds me of Jack Kerouac (but maybe that is jut the time period when this was taken). sweet post.

number one said...

Dad was the coolest..... no doubt!!

kitt turbo said...

Hey gordo. I dunt know you, but you may know me. I skate with 'el cruz. My dad's past away just before I started skating derby. That's a great pic of yer dads there and I just wanted to say so. I wasn't 19--I was 29 but it still sucked.

Also--I hail from NOVA. That's where my mom still rocks it. Funnyeh.