Monday, August 11, 2008

Austin Memories

I realized the other day I never posted any photos from my trip to Austin, TX for Toad & Salmon's Austin Chili Bowl cook off and skate contest. It was my first time in Austin and even Texas for that matter. Heres some photos I shot while on my week-long Austin hell ride.

The two in charge.

Grass Valley?

420 Gus!

It was SO dam HOT most of us spent much of the week in Ian and Heidi's pool.

Strubing gave it big ups.

Dude! party!

Pool time after-party.

Sandy and Skato... killing it.

It was so freakin HOT the day of the contest...

...Mumma crawled into a cooler filled with ice water.

Halsey, riverside.

and Toad, filming it.

This well known skate spot is just outside of Austin.

The Salmon crashed out after a long, long week.

Ps. Yesterday was my birthday. I'm pretty old now.

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Anonymous said...

Bastrop Pool R.I.P