Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cool shit from June & July

K-Rock (aka good friend and old roommate from Baltimore) moved to SF!! ...and found a place right across the street from Maggie Mudd's Ice Cream shop.

Hustle made it to the TOP of the Pop's 86'd list. Way to go Jamie!

This is me, sandy and billy closing up Pop's on my last night working there (ever).

Pork Chop got a new toy!

...and loves it.

I don't remember this... and have no explanation for what is going on right here.

Sandy and I went to Sushi Boat at 16th and Church. The place rules.

...and got named Randumb photo of the week over at the TRIFE.
No big deal.


justin said...

I can't decide whats sweeter...

K-Rock's sundae, or K-Rocks lips...

(*slowly licks teeth*)

Anonymous said...