Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Backyard

I was just home for a week in Waldorf, Maryland where I grew up. I spent more time at my mom's house then I have in the last 4 years for sure. We grilled out in the backyard almost every night. The weather was so nice we had to. While I was there, sitting in the backyard I couldn't help but think about all the days spent skating back there with SO many of my friends over the years. This is an old photo of what the yard once looked like.

Then.. to add to my nostalgia, I got a call from a local Maryland newspaper wanting to do an interview with me about my parents old backyard. He was contacted because of articles he had written lately about skateboarding in Maryland and was tipped off about our old yard being once called "the Waldorf Skatepark". Check it out HERE. I was asked about a lot of stuff that I hadn't thought about in a long time.


b rendan said...

so rad!

Brian Who? said...

Childhood hero for a reason. Call this motherfucker I got your key.