Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Orleans SPB (part 2)

This is Adam, the bunny that organized the entire weekend. We met up with him and a gang of dudes walking on the street and he took us to Humidity skate shop. After checking out the shop it was straight to the bar.

Our second room in the same hotel.

The view from our hotel room door.

Went over to Mox and Marr's hotel to meet up with them.

Black eye Marr man.

Fred-lock told me the only time he blacked out on the trip he woke up in the VIP room of a strip club with two hot strippers and a bottle of cheap champagne.

Hutch hooked up a ride to a Grindline park in Hammond, LA. Thanks Hutch!

There were kids posted up all over the park... sitting on stuff. It was rad.

Then, back to the R...

To feast...

On these things.


The crawdad line wrapped around the block.

Then it was Underskatement time via Dave Franklin.

The next day we went to Dave and Mickey's hotel and drank beer by the pool waiting for the rednecks to get out of the hot tub.

Then... it was dinner time.

Our table was Me, Sandy, Mickey, Dave and Maria.

Mickey was dubbed "Porn Jacket" by our waitress.

Marr was voted best mustache in the gang.


After dinner we went to the Balcony Bar on Magazine Street. The place is sick, its super big. Pool tables, two bars (one on each floor), food (that we didn't try, might suck) and tons of space. Open til 4am, but thats all bars in New Orleans.

Then it was back to the St. Peters House Hotel (again).

This was the third and final room we stayed in at the St. Peters House. I layed back and watched some TV before passing out. Another great day.


JIMMIE said...

Another awsome two part saga of the life of Eckler...I needed to add a few more questions to the interview whle you were gone, now i am ready...this weekend!

justin said...

I envy your life in more ways than you could count.