Thursday, March 13, 2008

CRUZ grand opening

It should go without saying, but the opening was amazing!

Brian, Neal and Rob all flew in from CO just to party with us.

Richard flew in from Baltimore and was put to work once he walked in the door. He hung all the shelves for the roller skates. Thanks again big man!

Randy also flew in from Baltimore. Both Randy and Rich were SO jet lagged they only made it till about 11pm west coast time before passing out beers in hand.

You should see this dude grip a board. He clocks in at record speed. No bullshit.

Los (aka: or crazy face) is our web dude at Without this man we'd still be at square one. Thanks Carlos.

and speaking of high fives, Randy thinks they are the lamest thing ever. So the more I got drunk the more I high fived everyone at the party. My hand was even soar the next day.

Mr. & Mrs. Lowcard were in attendance.

Get um out! What Brian? No iphone?

Drehobl and Toad... lurked out.

Heres Brian... butt hurt because Drehobl wasn't talking to him.

Danny asked, "are you blogging this?"

"Well then blog my mustache!" - Danny Gotimer

Donny & Morty were feelin it.

Rosser showed up just in time for us to close up shop and go across the street to a bar called Naps Only to slam Buds and Jager. (Billy Rosser interview coming soon)

Brett Howard helped us paint the whole shop and did an amazing job doing it. We couldn't have done it without you ether blondie!

Brian couldn't believe his eyes.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support!

Cruz Skate Shop / 3165 Mission St. SF, CA 94110 / 415 285 8833

The last photo was stolen from Epicly Trife.

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