Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lowcard Goes to SoCal (part 2)

I got up the next day at Jeff King's place to a Labon, Ted and the film crew walking around talking about where to build stuff inside the house.

We spent the whole day working on this stuff..

but were skating before the day was out.

Then we stayed with a friend of Strubing. This is her dog showing me how much Magnet sucks.

While the crew all went to get sushi Dave and I went to some corn ball taco spot that had live music and open mic comedy. It sucked other then the fact that they had $3 pints and $2 tacos.

Then we ended up at a bar called the Live Wire drinking PBR tall cans. A perfect way to cap the night.

Then on day 4 we went right to Washington St. to suffer. We basically all fell hard as shit and limped back to the van.

Next stop... VOX. We talked to the designers, watched the new Black & Blue video, picked up some sneaks, then back on the road.

Dinner? At Matt Hensley's bar!! So sick.

Toad (texting).

Stubs (drinking).

The trip... another success.

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the outlaw said...

freakin' high rollers if you ask me...