Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lowcard kills AZ

So the crew started of as Magnethead behind the wheel, Toad, Trolf, Jonah, Dime Slots, Strubing and Myself. We also ended up meeting up with a ton of people in Phoenix because of some big AM contest put on by Cowtown.

Here is the crew at Rob Welsh's ramp. The ramp isn't at Robs house but at his friends place and I think we came in hot and bummed him out. hey, its a Lowcard trip. We can bum um out like no other.

I can't really explain to you the importance of these trucks and why we needed to FedEx them back to DLX because if I did I would end up at the bottom of the bay. Shit is top secret. But what I can tell you is...

... Jonah is gay.

Toad comin' in hot with the Backside 180.

And a fur vest with matching hat? Hamknuckle couldn't be more stoked about it either.

Why is Lee Bender making that face?

I answer is written on the windshield of his car.

Even though Jonah is gay he has a mean back tail. Proof will be in Lowcard with the new article "Jonah's back tail of the month". Where will the next one be?

Then Rob, Toad and I drove to LA to help Laban with his show on fuel called "American Misfits". We dressed as reporters and yelled shit at Laban and Ted. I'm not gonna lie, I think I might of had more fun in LA then in AZ.

Don't you think Toad looked like a real reporter?

While in town we got to skate at Mike Manzoori's house. He has this crazy ramp with no flat. Super fun.

Then it was back with the weirdos to work on the show some more. This time we were walking into a circus scene. Weird but still fun. It is never a dull moment around Laban or Ted.

Take this midget for instance... he just walked up to Rob and made crazy threats about how he could kick his ass (meaning Rob's) in 1000 different ways. Crazy shit like how he could punch right into him and rip out his liver. We ended up driving back to SF just the three of us, Rob, Toad and Me. This sparked Rob into calling the road crew the BRC. This is only because 9 people went on the trip but only 3 made it back. The rest flew home and or just stayed in AZ because they (just Jonah) were killing it to hard and didn't want to come home yet. The BRC consist of Rob, Toad and Myself ... and were not currently accepting any applications.

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