Friday, July 6, 2007

Blow'n it in Oregon

For Magnethead's unofficial batchler party we drove up to Oregon for a week to camp and skate. It was The Body, Corpsey, Magnethead and myself.

This was campsite #1 in Brookings, Oregon.

The Body really went for it on day one and ended up puking all of day 2. Way to kill it kid.

Corpsey was super pumped on his $15 tent that he didn't want to get out of it. I think he even went the whole trip without any cigarette burns in it. I can't say the same for his sleeping bag though.

Stopped for breakfast... The Bod was feel'n it.

The first night we stayed in Brookings and went to the park in the morning. No one was really feeling it so it was a hit and run and back on the road.

The Body... still feel'n it.

Made it to Reedsport for another hit and run sesh. This Whole pipe funnels. Its gnarly.

Campsite #2. This night was animal kingdom. We had cats, raccoons and what we all swear was a wild pig fighting in our spot. We made food pretty late and it was a call to the wild to come fuck with us. Pretty fuck'n funny though. Magnet also got super wasted and started calling numbers out of a skate mag we had to try and get me on "Boner Bolts". He's an idiot.

The proof is in the eyes. Magnet being creepy. On day #3 we also hit Florence, Waldport and Toledo. None of them I got photos of. Sorry, Blow it.

I did get a photo of the Lincoln City Park though. Well, just this bowl really. It was the only thing we really skated. Its super sick. It has lights built into the sides like a real pool so you can light it up at night.

Next stop was McMinnville. This was my second favorite spot on the trip. That massive hole/channel is for drainage. Oregon gets rain pretty gnarly in the winter time.
Then it was off to Portland.

Burnside was completely empty. Other parks we went to in the Portland area were Glennhaven and Battleground (in Washington just across the river). No photos of those two parks ether. I know, I suck.

I did however get a photo of Drehobl's homemade ashtray he added to Rob's door.

And a photo of Rob pissing on the whole pipe at Pier park in Portland. Pier park is the first of 19 parks that are planned to be added to Portland's parks and rec over the next 5 years. Whats up with just one of these in SF?

Oh, and Rob drove the entire trip. Look at how stoked he is. He loves it.

and Drehobl, being creepy.

In Medford on the way home we stayed with these chicks that own a skate shop. One of the roommates (Christina, I think?) jumped in with us to skate a park in nearby Jacksonville.

I think the best thing at the Jacksonville park was this beer bench made in the side of the hill next to the park. This is the P-stone post up spot. Where the hell is Stone anyway?

Alright, last park of the trip. We stopped to check out the new park in Weed, CA. Rob still had crazy eyes but ended up being able to skate for a little bit before it was back on the highway and straight to SF.

But before we got on the road, heres Corpsey... creep'n out the employees.


b rendan said...

Amazing! This is living.

JIMMIE said...

Awsometown Tour 2007....Who is the random girl next to bod?

b rendan said...
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b rendan said...

I told you!

Rob said...

you suck

Anonymous said...

I love America! It is great and big. Even the morons have a place in it, and this pictures are living proof of their existence.