Friday, November 7, 2008

Suffer Camp III

Horn and I drove to SD to Suffer with Hitz and Heddings.

And it all started at Hitz's house.

Thats the Thrasher Beer Helmet on the right.

Horn... Splif life.

Straight to the Tilted Stick in OB.

Keg ollie in front of the Stick.

Then straight to the bar stool.

Suffer ditch.

Day 2 of Suffer 3 we started out at Sketch park.

This thing is fun as fuck.

"Dudes... I got this pool..."

Shit was sick.

Hitz called the steps in the shallow "free lunch" so of course when I gave it a few good attempts I almost knocked myself out by slamming my head on the lip. pretty stoked.

Ditch thing.

Horn knows how to really suffer.

See the Suffer Camp III video at:
(its buried in the Creature Blog)


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