Monday, October 6, 2008

The Rip Rider

I got a new toy in the mail courtesy of Creature. The "Rip Rider" is a new mini cruiser board that comes complete with huge translucent black OJ3 wheels, black bullet trucks (I changed them to Ace trucks) and a pured plastic, pre-griped coffin shaped deck. It's SO fuckin sick!

I've been tearing around the streets of San Francisco on this little thing. Its so fun. My board collection is starting to get out of hand and I might need a bigger apartment to support my addiction of cool little cruiser boards.

I fucking love skateboarding. Just in case you didn't know.


formerly known as said...

those things are fucking rad, ive only had the pleasure of doin three flips on carpet at goodtimes but i'd totally shred it if i had the $$$ to throw down

Gordo said...

my board habit is completely out of control only because I some how get this stuff for free. Trust me.. There is no way I could afford one of these.