Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pork Chop!

I used my birthday money this year to adopt this pretty lady. Her name is Pork Chop (aka Porkins, aka Big Pork, aka Chopper, aka Fat Ass, aka Maple Bar). Her former owners named her Bagel (sort of sentimental to me) but I still had to change it. I always wanted to name my pet "Train Wreck" or "Lunch Box", but after I met her nether name seemed fit. She is short, stumpy, and round with a food name already... so we went with Pork Chop. So far I think her name fits perfectly.

We have been parking it daily.

We met up with creepy uncle Rick at the Wiz Burger for lunch one day. This is pretty much how lunch went.

Rick has been anti-shirt lately.

Pork Chop can play ball for days. She freak'n loves it!

Pork'ns and Sandy parking it.

Pork Chop you hungry?

Hungry for or high fives!

(more photos of the Chop coming soon)

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JIMMIE said...

I don't think i have ever seen Rick with a shirt on...