Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Short Trip to Portland

Just a week or so ago I took another trip up to Portland. I was on a mission to skate and shot photos with my friend Bryce whom just moved up there a few months ago. My photos however might not be as good as his but I documented a thing or two. For instance...

...this Bacon Maple donut. Its just as good as it looks. Where could YOU find a bacon maple donut? Only at Voodoo.

Its a tiny donut shop in Portland that makes super good donuts.

Like this one was a classic cake donut but covered in crushed Oreo cookies. So good.

While in town I got the chance to skate with Salba. He happened to be in town and staying with Bryce as well.

On day 2 of my trip Bryce said that we were picking Salba up at the airport and he wanted to come right to this park. This is Peir Park in Portland. This giant thing has a door in it and Salba wanted to do nothing but go over the door. From the airport right to the pipe. Pure dedication.


y-lee said...

wheres the picture of him going over the door???

Bloggy Fischer said...

Did he go over it 1st try?