Friday, May 2, 2008

Billy & Wiley (also ripping)

Awhile back Wiley visited SF and me and Billy met up with him and went shralping.

Billy with a stationary front rock. Sick, Sick.

Big W with a ollie nose stall on the new "Tra & A" QP.

Me doing... a smith grind? I think.

Then a quick stop at the dog park for a front board contest on an unwaxed rounded ledge. It was between Bill and Wiley. I think Wiley stock it first but Bill came in with the land only a try or two after big man.


Wiley's saying, "can you believe that we were ripping all day and Danny didn't skate with us?" (a little butt hurt)

Then, later Danny set the record straight by giving us a SHOCKA. We all know the Shocka is the international sign for: after I finish all this college crap I'm going to be ripping harder then ever.

I believe it too.
Do you?


JIMMIE said...

Danny has already been making a come back!!!

y-lee said...

yeah dude! it looks like billy is doing some fucked up impossible smith grind.