Thursday, January 10, 2008

The WILEY interview:

What is the last thing you ate that made you puke and why?
The last thing I ate that made me puke was probably whiskey. Can you eat whiskey? You can eat beers. Maybe it was beer. I don't know. I don't really throw up often. Somebody accidentally put meat in a burrito I ate a few years ago, that made me puke.

What was it like growing up in NapTown?
I didn't grow up in Annapolis. I guess I grew up in Annapolis. I didn't move there until I was seven years old. It was super nice. I met about one million awesome people in Annapolis. All the OG PMA brothers are from Annapolis.

Dam, well... I alway thought Annapolis sucked when I lived in MD. But you guys are rad so I guess it's alright. (for now) So ahhh... Whats your most memorable moment from the days of 684?
Giving Danny Arabian Goggles and having him like it. Or maybe eating nachos from Cancun. Those are amazing. Getting to bartend when I was 19 or 20 was cool. Living with you and watching you sleep was nice. Just living in a closet was awesome.

How high can you ollie?
Like four fucking feet! Or four inches. I don't remember. About 0.25 probably.

photo by Kevtron

You'r so pro. Who would you say is the hottest female movie star you have seen in person?
I haven't seen too many female movie stars in person. You and I saw Tera Reid in LA! But she's kind of busted, right? My friend saw Keira Knightly in person, does that count? One of his friends went on a date with Sienna Miller! That counts, the hottest female movie star I've seen in person was when my friend's friend went on a date with Sienna Miller.

What is the band/person/musician of the week?
Brian WIlliams. Or Peter and the Wolf. The Beatles. The band of forever. The Beatles.

What about your stuff? When should we expect a Guilty Pleasures CD/LP to be released on a major label?
Dude, I don't know. Shit is getting hot right now. The debut Guilty Pleasures record was released a few years ago when I lived with the other member. After we moved out we went on a hiatus for a few years. But he just moved back in last week! I think we're probably about to drop some shit. And if we do, it will only be a matter of weeks until that shit gets picked up by Warner Brothers, Atlantic, or Motown.

Oh, and what the fuck is up with all the light beer? Why is there nothing in your frig but Bud Light or Coors Light?
It's just fucking awesome. Look at this picture...

Buddy Cohen drinking a Bud Light and Rory Sheridan drinking Coors Light. Epic.

Who sucks right now?
People who aren't reading your blog right now!

I guess so. Who would you say should be the spokesman for PMA?
Maybe if Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Chan Marshall, Will Oldham, Keira Knightly, Billy Rosser, Holly Golightly, Tom Waits, Britney Spears, Jaime Lynn Spears, Jaime Lynn Spears' unborn child, Jerry Garcia, Ashlee Simpson, Charles Bukowski, Jessica Simpson, the casts of The OC and Desperate Houswives, Lenny Bruce, and W.B. Yeats all had a baby. That could be the spokesman. I don't know what they'd say though. That shit would be fucked up!

Fucked for sure. If you had a pro board, what would be your first pro graphic?
I'd like it to be a drawing probably. I've never thought about this. That's hard. Zach Lyons was talking about PMA graphics he wanted to do. He did a drawing of a dick fucking the soft spot on a baby's head or something like that. That's gross though, I would put my name on that. Maybe just a picture of Paris Hilton, or B. Spears. Is that too obvious? I love celebrities. Eva Longoria! All of the Desperate Housewives. I'd like that. A picture of me with all of the Desperate Housewives. Maybe if I went pro I could hook that shit up.

Photo by Kevtron

Whats up with the All cell phone filmed skate video? Who's in it? When is it coming out?
Thats whats up! The video is called Self Own. (Get it, like cell phone) I stole that from a song. The whole thing, like you said, is filmed on cell phones. It's rad. I've been editing it on my computer and the quality is already horrible, so I can't imagine how bad it's going to look when its on a full television screen. But it's funny, I think, having horrible video quality and scrolling titles and shit at the same time. I want to have the same kind of juxtaposition with the skating too. For example, Brendan Ash has the best footage. He's killing it. But, me, I'm just trying to skate curbs. You know? It's really hard to do though because you can only film like 15 seconds at a time on phones, so it seems like it's taking forever to get any length to the video. Everyone is in it. And by that I mean that some people are in it. All the PMA brothers for sure. You've got a part. (But you need to get your shit together and send more footy!) I've got a part. Sterling Schlegel, Danny Gotimer, Zach Lyons, Rory Sheridan, Kevin Madsen, Brendan Ash, Billy Rosser, Adam Fligsten, Cameron Lyons. I've got a bunch of footage that people have sent me and I can't tell who the fuck it is. People have sent some of Will Sultzer (spelling?) and Paul McElroy. Maybe Bobby Worrest. I heard Gordon Eckler might have some tricks. I don't know, I'm trying to get people to send lots of footage. Anything. Send it! Right now, you can type in my email where you normally put in a phone number on a picture message and it will go right to my computer! Send video of sunsets! Thats nice filler! I'd really be excited if I could get a lot more. You should hook it up and start filming everyone in San Francisco. Bootleg them and don't tell them. They'll never know, nobody will ever see this. Because it's never coming out. You're buddies with Dan Drehobel, right? Does he read your blog? He's my favorite. Dan, are you reading this? Get in on this! 443-995-4432/ You can have a part! I said January 15th was the deadline. But I was bluffing. It's cold out. Maybe May. The new deadline in May 1st. And it's coming out June 1st, 2008! Check the trailers!

I'll tell Corpsey to call you. Tell me about your short-lived debut with playing in Rattler. Whats up with that? You still in the band?
It was nice. I was Vick Viper. And you gave a wonderful review of the show that I played in Lowcard. That was exciting. I think I was in the picture that was printed in there. It was super fun. I think practicing with them was about as fun as it was to play live. It was a party! We drank a lot of beers and Jaegermeister at practice. Riley jokes about it on stage, but having seen both sides, I think it's maybe more fun to be in the audience at Rattler than in Rattler. They're amazing.

Last words or shout outs?
Sterling was telling me about bro-beers. You know when you are cleaning up after a bunch of people who were at your house and you find half full beers? They are "clunkers" and that shit sucks. But Sterling was telling me, and I think he's right, that when your friends leave them in obscure locations because they forgot, then it's ok. Thats a bro-beer. Like if your buddy left one on top of the toilet, thats fine. But if some random dude leaves one on the table in the room everyone is in, thats lame. But if you go to bed with one and you find it on your bedside table, or in your covers, all over you, then it's ok. Thats a bro-beer. Does that make sense? I don't know if i explained that right. Look, all I'm saying is that in today's dog eat dog world, it is important to separate clunkers from bro-beers.*

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